Wicked Dark Heathens [SD Hardback]

Hardback Discreet Edition. Signed copy of Wicked Dark Heathens: Book 4 in the Sick Boys series. Standalone.


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What tangled webs we weave…

He’s everything I don’t want. A playboy. A beast with a cunningly gorgeous smile. Faces like his only mean one thing. Somewhere underneath all of that handsomeness, there lies a monster.

And if anyone can sense a monster, it’s me.

I understand cruelty. I’ve lived and breathed it my entire life. I existed on the ‘charity’ of others until I realized that it woudn’t be enough. My demons would soon be set free. They were coming back for me and to be ready for them—to be ready for him—I needed to make myself invincible.

But it’s not enough. If I’m going to survive then I need to make an alliance with a monster of my own: Abel Frazier.

***This is a Dark MF Enemies to Lovers College Romance.***
***Please Note: This book is labeled as “Dark” for a reason. If you are sensitive or easily triggered by subjects and actions that are common in “dark” romance, please take that into consideration and read responsibly.***


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