Wicked Angel [Paperback]

Signed copy of Wicked Angel: Book 1 in the Sinister Arrangement Duet. A Dark Mafia Age Gap Romance.


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He’s a blood stained monster, but one look at her and he knows … she will be his.

Gaven Belmonte is a cold-hearted killer. A hitman. Now, he’s my jailer.

Even though he’s twice my age, I’m being forced into an arranged marriage to secure Gaven’s position as the next head of the Price Family Syndicate.

Marriage or war?
Pain or Pleasure?
Murder or love?

It doesn’t matter that Gaven makes me burn for him. I’m simply a means to an end, a pawn for him to gain everything he’s ever wanted. Well, I won’t let this be my end. I’ll take back control.

If he wants my hand in marriage, then he’ll have to fight me for it.

Tropes: Arranged Marriage, Mafia Romance, Dark Romance, Age Gap Romance, BDSM.
Trigger Warnings: Degradation, Sexual Bondage, Sexual violence, Murder/mention of murder etc.