The Break Series Omnibus [SD Paperback]

Signed copy of the Complete Collection of the Break Series. Contains all 4 novellas in the Break series.


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My name is Jamie Houston and if there’s one thing I can’t catch, it’s a fucking break.

Of all the people in the world to get snowed in at the library the night before a big exam, it had to be me. I must have pissed off karma or something because there is no way being trapped. Alone. In the Dark. With not one, not two, but FOUR sexy athletes can be a good thing. Especially not when they make the most outrageous bet. Who can please me the best? Puh-leaze.

I’m not an easy girl. I’ve got plans for myself. Graduate and become the best journalist I can be. I don’t have time for one boyfriend, much less a whole harem of them. No, thank you. But one night? I can probably swing that. So long as no one gets attached.

I’ve got 99 problems, but heart break isn’t going to be one … or is it?

This collection contains all three books in the Break series as well as an additional after story not sold elsewhere.

This Title Contains the Following Four Novellas in ONE Paperback:
*Study Break*
*Tough Break*
*Spring Break*
*Lucky Break: A Break Series After Story*

*This is a reverse harem story and may contain sexual situations*


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