Sword of Damage [SD Paperback]

Signed copy of Sword of Damage: Book 3 in the Sky Cities series, a Dystopian Reverse Harem Romance.


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Just because something is legal, doesn’t make it right.

I never expected that leaving the refuge of Corvallis would result in such dire circumstances. When rogue rovers commandeer our airship, I’m left with an impossible choice. Stay and risk my life to save the others or let them be captured along with me.

Just because a choice is hard, doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

There’s no question. I choose them. Even if it means I arrive on Bath as a prisoner and slave. Bath is more dangerous, perhaps, than even my home city of Tartarus. Rogue Rovers. Black market slavery. A strange girl with a dark secret. I find myself dropped right back where I started. Alone and helpless. There are no friends on Bath, only alliances and I need to be very careful who I choose to align myself with. And what I promise them in the name of freedom.



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