Power & Choice [Paperback]

Signed copy of Power & Choice: Book 2 in the Iris Boys series.


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What does it mean to be an Iris girl?

Does it mean following instructions and respecting the authority of your team? Or does it mean taking risks?

The latter – I’m finding – is something I’m good at. When the guys send me to Ms. Enders’ Etiquette Camp for Refined Young Ladies, I know that I need to master the game and play the part of the respectable socialite. We need to find the answer to this question: What is causing the girls to commit suicide? I knew there would be danger here, and if I don’t watch my back, I could find myself in a whole lot of trouble.

***The is a Reverse Harem title***
**Please be warned that the content of this book may include some triggering subjects and scenes***