Forbidden Deviant Games[Hardback]

Discreet Edition. Signed Hardback copy of Forbidden Deviant Games, the prequel to the Sick Boys series.


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He’s dangerous. He’s violent. He’s everything I should stay away from.

Viks stormed into my life and he wrecked it.

I know bad men. I know what they think. I know how they act. So trust me when I say, that of all the bad men in Eastpoint, I know Viks is the worst of them all.

I tried to be good. I tried to stay away. He kept pulling me back in.

Once a wicked man, always a wicked man.

*This is a complete prequel novel that serves as a precursor to the Sick Boys series. You do NOT have to read the series to understand this book. You CAN read this as a completely separate standalone*
*TW: This book is labeled as dark romance for a reason and contains themes of drug usage, violence, murder, and sexual situations that may not be suitable for underage audiences. Please read responsibly.*