Cross my Heart [Paperback]

Signed copy of Cross my Heart: Book 4 in the Iris Boys series.


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What kind of person falls into a relationship with several men? Now I know the answer. Me.

I’ve finally realized that and I’ve come to terms with it. But it seems that fate has one last challenge for us to overcome. Theodora “Teddi” Vandersen, otherwise known as Grayson’s mother, has apparently been following me for weeks now. She thinks it’s my fault that Grayson’s done with her.

Whether it is or not, all I know is that the wealthy socialite will stop at nothing to tear Grayson away from me and the guys. He just found his home with us. I’m not going to let her destroy that. If it means I have to go against her, myself, and risk everything, then…

So be it.

***This is a Reverse Harem Title***