Burn With Me [Paperback]

Paperback. Signed copy of Burn with Me, Gods of Hazelwood: Icarus Duet Book 1. Book 1 of 2.


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Aurora Summers is nothing but baggage.
Beautiful, dangerous, off limits baggage.

The plan was simple: Destroy the girl. Ruin her life. Make her and her mother leave.
Only … she’s not as easy a target as I thought she’d be.

She’s nothing but a pawn, a tool for my father to use against her mother.
But pawns don’t fight back the way she does.
They don’t violate my sanity the way she does.

She put herself in the mouth of the beast.
I wanted her out of the way, but now … I can’t let her go.

*This is a Dark, College, Mafia, Stepbrother, Enemies to Lovers, Forbidden Romance. Icarus retelling/inspired story*


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