Barbie: The Vampire Hunter Omnibus [Paperback]

Signed copy of the Barbie The Vampire Hunter Series. All 3 books in ONE paperback. UF/PNR Menage.


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A Dhampire hell bent on resisting the hunter. 

A human man full of secrets.

A pretty little vampire hunter out for vengeance. 


Three souls bound by fate, full of mistrust and hate. 


Call me crazy, but Buffy had it easy. She had friends and a know-it-all librarian. I’ve got a dead family and a whole lot of trauma—oh yeah, and a lifetime of training to fight monsters I didn’t even think existed.

Until now.

Until they killed everyone I ever loved.

Now, I’m the only one left who knows that something sinister is going on in the darkness. Most people might have let it go. They might have tried to move on and live a normal life.

I’m not most people.

They came after me first. They wanted to spill my blood? Well, now it’s my turn. And I’ll use everything in my arsenal to do it—even if it means giving into Maverick McKnight and Torin Priest.

It takes a monster to destroy a monster, so a monster I will become.


*This is a MFM Urban Fantasy Romance*