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A Day in the Life of Lucy: 57

No context. It’s funnier that way.

Lucy: You’re in the important characters cast.  Kel: I stand by my God. Lucy:… You have no god. Kel: GIF! Lmao Lucy: *still going* You’re a fucking atheist wtf. *realizes* OMG. I’m gonna pee myself, I’m laughing so hard.  Kel: hehehe. Me too. But I should be first in your heart. That spot is mine. I’ll pee on you. Everyone will know you’re mine. Lucy: Uhh… no. Not hot. Lucy: That’s not my kink. Kel: Fine I’ll lick you. Lucy: I’m a little more okay with that.  Kel: Cause if you lick it, then it’s yours.  Lucy: uh huh.

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