• Lucy Smoke

A Day in the Life of Lucy: 53

*Dog jumps on bed*  Lucy: Whatthefuck! *points finger guns around room* I don’t have any money! … *looks down at dog* Oh…. Hiro (aka the dog): *wags tail* Lucy: You wanna go out don’t you? Hiro: *jumps off bed and sits by door* Lucy: *checks clock* Only 12:30… (pm) Yea, okay, let me get pants on.

15 minutes later *coming back inside*

Lucy: *yawns* Welp. Back to bed.

2 Hours later. 3pm.

Lucy: *alarm goes off* Whatthefuck!  Hiro: *wags tail while knawing on dog toy* Lucy: Do you need to go out again?  Hiro: *wags tail faster*  Lucy: ‘Kay. *takes dog out again* *comes back* Hmmm… what should I do today? I have to get some laundry done. Some writing done. I’m kinda hungry…  Lucy: … *trolls facebook with Mcdonalds bag in lap*

5 Hours later. 9pm.

Lucy: Where did the day go? *takes dog out again* It’s like all I do is sit around and sleep. *plays with dog* I’m so lazy. *looks at unfinished homework* I should probably do that… Lucy: *vacuums instead*  Hiro: *whines* Lucy: *sighs* *let’s roommate’s demon dog out* Demon dog: *destroys apartment in under 10 minutes*  Lucy: *puts demon dog back* *cleans apartment again*


Lucy: Welp, I should probably actually get some writing done… But I’m kinda tired now.

Lucy’s brain: wut.

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