• Lucy Smoke

A Day in the Life of Lucy: 50

Lucy: *driving down the road with the Rock in the passenger seat* Rock: That’s why I think you two would be perfect for- Lucy: -What if it started raining on the way home and it got so dark that we couldn’t see and we had to pull over and then everyone had to pull over and a big wreck happened in front of us and then a woman in one of the cars happened to be pregnant so we had to get out and help her and then it turned out she was the dying wife of a billionaire and bc we took care of her when she was giving birth/dying, we were rewarded with loads of cash. But we don’t want the cash and we attend her funeral and I meet her distant brother, who also happens to be rich and he and I fall in love and- Rock: We’re not playing this game. Lucy: Game? What if life is just a game? What if we’re players in a video game and we don’t even know. Like who made us? Are we avatar? Is that why some people can’t lose or gain any weight because our controllers/players won’t let us? Rock: Stop. Lucy: What if you ran a stop sign and crashed into- Rock: WHAT IF! WHAT IF! WHAT IF! FINE! If you want to play this game then what if the world exploded? Lucy: *getting excited* YEAH! what if the world exploded and the only part of humanity left were those people in outer space-side note: can you have sex in outer space?-and they didn’t know what to do and- Rock: *glaring at Lucy* Lucy: What? Rock: *Continues glaring for a brief moment* *sighs* You’re too creative for your own good. That’s why I said the two of you would be perfect for each other. He’s the only one who gets your weirdness. Lucy: …I’m weird? Rock: Without a doubt in my mind. Lucy: …but the good kind of weird, right? Rock: *laughing* … the… best…

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