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A Day in the Life of Lucy: 47

This one is gonna be long. And, be forewarned… there may be some PG 13 scenes.

Four score and… okay, it was like 2(ish) years ago when…

LUCY: 21st BIRTHDAY!!! WOOHHOOO Friend E: She’s gonna get hammered. Friend D: Yup. Am I the mom tonight?  E: Well, we’re prolly gonna end up naked together at the end of this and you have a higher patience level so… yup. LUCY: SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS!  Friend H: Oh dear, how many has she has already. D: She pregamed before we even got here.  H: WITH WHAT?  D + E: Champagne, fireball, and vodka  H: *looks ill*  Lucy: *Dances off*  H: Where did she go? D: Um… don’t look now but… H: WHAT THE FUCK?! IS SHE MAKING OUT WITH THAT GUY? SHE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW HIM! *Storms over to intoxicated Lucy* Lucy: *evades H* SHOTS!  Bartender: You’re drunk. Lucy: SHOTS!  Bartender: Prove to me that you’re not drunk and you can have another. Lucy: Shots?  Bartender: Good enough. *hands over shot* Lucy: SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS *dances away yet again* D: She seems to be having fun H: Where the fuck did that bitch go?! E: Aaaaaaand, there she is. H: LUCY! TAKE YOUR TONGUE OUT OF THAT MAN’S MOUTH THIS INSTANT!  *20 minutes and an uber ride home later* H: Jesus H. Christ *tucking Lucy into bed* We have a final exam tomorrow, how could you be so reckless.  Lucy: *grumbling about not getting hot guys number* Cockblock. Tease. It’ll be fine. I got this – we got this. I love you, bestie.  H: Go to sleep. I’ll see you in the final tomorrow.

5. Hours. Later.

Lucy: *Walks into class with Starbucks and test supplies* Morning!  H: *looks like death warmed over* How the actual fuck…?  Lucy: Here, I picked up some supplies for you too.  H: *squints* are you still drunk? Lucy: Nope! Good luck on the test!

Lucy got an A that day… but still has not found the hot guy for her…

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