• Lucy Smoke

A Day in the Life of Lucy: 44

Me to friend: I wanna write a book about gypsies. Friend: So do it. Me: Delves into intensive research and starts book.

One. Week. Later.

Me to same friend: I wanna write a book about Dijnn and Demons Same Friend: So do it. Me: Looks up lore about demons and Dijnn. Watches Supernatural. Goes to local university to interview a professor who got his BA in paranormal history [yea, I really had a teacher like that]

Three. Days. Later.

Me to SAME friend: I wanna write about a people indigenous to central America whose skin is literal gold.  SAME Friend: *stares* What is wrong with you? Me: Gets on a plane to Mexico. Gonna go look for El Dorado.

Two. Months. Later.

Me on phone with friend: Can you send money? I’m kinda in a pickle. Friend: Sigh. What did you do? Me: I think I married an Aztec Prince. I didn’t know they had actual royalty.  Friend: And… how did this happen? Also, if you’re married to a Prince, why do you need money? Me: It’s a long story, but I need the money so that I can prove that I can buy my way out of slavery and get the hell outta dodge.  Friend: … How much do you need?

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