• Lucy Smoke

A Day in the Life of Lucy: 42

Me: *sits down and awaits for me to notice I’m sitting down* Also me: What’s up?  Me: *Takes breath* Me, have a seat.  Also me: Ohhhhhkkkaaaaayyyyyy *sits* Me: I notice you haven’t been working on writing as much as you should be. Also me: *nervously scratches arm* I am… trying to…um…I’m on a 15 minute break? Me: Oh yea? Then what is THIS?! *walks over to bed and strips covers showing books piled under pillows and sheets* Or THIS?! *walks into kitchen and opens refrigerator to reveal books stacked in the place of food* Also me: You don’t understand! Those were there when I moved in! Me: I’m so disappointed in you. Go to your room and write. Also me: BUT I STILL HAVEN’T READ BLACK AND GREEN! AND VEGA JUST CAME OUT AND I’M MENTALLY PREPARING FOR ASHLEY JADE’S NEXT BOOK AND PLEASE, OH GOD. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! STOP! Me: Until you get back to writing regularly, I’m locking away all of your books for safe keeping. Also me: *sobs*

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