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A Day in the Life of Lucy: 40

This is a new day in the life of Lucy.  This is… story time.

So, I got to my parents place for xmas the other day, right? And side note–my parents own a bar–and anyway, so we’re at the bar, right? (yes you’re going to be hearing that a lot, just keep reading). So, we’re at the bar and it’s my uncle’s (not really an uncle/it’s really a friend of the family) birthday. But Homeboy is at work. So his wife, K, and my parent’s friend Cheese (don’t ask me why he’s called that, Idk. But yes, that is literally what they call him) come up to the bar and they congratulate me on my Masters. All that jazz. Things are great.

K tells me they’re all going out to dinner the next night–a japanese steakhouse–her first mistake (I fucking love japanese food) and she invites me–her second mistake (again my love for japanese food knows no bounds) but I control myself. They’re going just the 5 of them–my parents, Cheese, and K and Uncle.

Here’s where the story gets interesting. So, K asks me why I don’t want to come and me being Lucy, I’m honest.

Lucy: Oh, no. I WANT to come. I’ll eat a japanese steakhouse out of the steak and the house.  K: Then why won’t you– Lucy: *puts up hand to stop her* My parents don’t want me going to crash your adult party K: *stares at me* you ARE an adult.  Lucy: Oh, I know. But I’m like–adulting is… responsibility…

And I’m like floundering. How do I explain to this woman that (btws there was a whole side story where my dad always told me I was a spoiled kid and come to find out, his definition of a spoiled child is VERY different from an ACTUALLY spoiled child. But that’s a story for another time) has a 17 year old daughter and therefore sees ME – at 24 – as an adult that my parents do not in fact agree with that?

And then – like the ghost of Christmas past – it came to me out of the darkness.

Lucy: I’m not at their–your level. K: What do you mean? Lucy: Okay. Think of it like this. I just got out of training. I’m a level one adult. I’ve only killed a few ppl’s dreams. My parents are like level 4-5 adults. They’ve killed their own dreams as well as other ppl’s dreams. K: *stares* Lucy: I’M KIDDING. K: *stares* Lucy: But seriously. Me = level one adult, I do not have the clearance to sit with the big boys unless there is a much larger gathering. Them = level 5.  K: *cracking up by this point* What does it take to get to level 5?! Is it just age? Cuz if so… I’m a level 7 or 8. Lucy: Well, I mean, I guess responsibility. K: LEVEL 11!  Lucy: Oh okay. Cheese: *laughing bc he’s been silently listening this whole time*

And that’s the story about how my parents and my parents’ friends have leveled up. Thank you for reading.

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