• Lucy Smoke

A Day in the Life of Lucy: 37

Lucy: *Sits down in the theater with D*

Commercial 1: *freezes, skips, buffers*

Lucy: *loudly, bc of who I am as a person* Ah. Just like home.

Two guys behind us: *laughs*

D: *snorts*

Commercial: What’s in your wallet?

Lucy: Nothing. There’s nothing in my wallet. I’m broke.

Whole theater: *laughter*

Lady down front: *turns around* Yup. Movies are expensive. The only reason we came here is because we had a free ticket.

Lucy + D + Lady: *shares intense moment of understanding*

D: You should make this a life of lucy thing.

Lucy: I’m not that funny.

D: You should still do it.

Lucy: Meh. I don’t control what comes out of my mouth. Send it to me or I’ll forget.

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