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A Day in the Life of Lucy: 36

 feat. Anita (It’s not Kel this time)

[convo so far: talking about Anita alpha reading for Lucy]

Anita: Do we want brutal honesty this time? or gentleness?

Lucy:…tbh…Idk how you can be any worse than me right now. Every page is shit. Shit shit shit.

Lucy: This whole book is shit.

Lucy: Everything about it sucks ass.

Lucy: But it needs to be done.

Lucy: And I’m hoping, against hope that my glorious alpha reader (you) and editor can somehow find a ROCK of SOME value not even a GOOD value just SOME under all of this feces.

Anita: You say that every time and it totally doesn’t.

Lucy: I mean it this time.

Lucy: [as Anita] Anita: you mean it every time

Lucy: [back to Lucy] I REALLY mean it this time

Lucy: [continuing to play Anita’s part] Anita: no sure just take over the conversation why don’t you. You can do my part, that’s fine.

REAL Anita:

Lucy: Thanks I’m so glad you understand how shitty this is.

REAL Anita: I like watching myself have conversations. Really insightful.

This has been a Day in the Life of Lucy. Stay tuned for next week’s episode: Lucy’s Loses her Shit [and no we’re not talking about the book]

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