• Lucy Smoke

A Day in the Life of Lucy: 35

Lucy: I wish we lived near each other. Cuz then I could drag you to classes that I would most certainly have to go to the ER afterward.

Kel: *lifts eyebrow*

Lucy: You know like those spin classes or Zumba or trampoline workout classes.

Kel: If we lived in a compound we could have an in-home gym

Side note: *breaks down fourth wall* Both Kel and I believe that people should find the ppl they love and live in compounds.

Back to your regularly scheduled episode.

Lucy: Nah. We need to go out so we could actually leave the house every once in a while.

Kel: You should move here.

Lucy: Bitch. Why would I do that? You’re gonna move anyway in the next year!

Kel: You could have someone to watch your dog while you get the D.

Lucy: …


Lucy: That’s not fair. You know how to get me.

Kel: It’s a fab idea. You get a gym partner, dog watcher, pizza eating, best friend material extraordinaire.

Lucy: How ’bout a sugar mama? I’ll put out and everything.

Kel: …

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