• Lucy Smoke

A Day in the Life of Lucy: 30

Lucy: hmmm, what do I have going on today? I know! Better check the calendar.

Noon: Cry and then get Starbucks

Noon Fifteen: Go to work the “day” job.

1pm: Hide in office and write.

1:30pm: Pretend like I’m actually doing work.

2pm: Check Facebook (like I haven’t already done it a dozen times by now)

5pm: Go to class.

5:30pm: Write note about story idea for later concerning stilettos and 70s dance music.

5:35pm: write secondary note reminding self to mention the idea to Kel

6:15pm: get out of class

6:30pm: Get home. Walk dog.

7pm: Sit down to write

Midnight: (Whether I’ve gotten any writing done by this portion of the night/day is irrelevant) Realize I’ve spent all night trying to write and haven’t done homework.

Midnight Fifteen: Attempt Homework.

3am: Attempt sleep.

Try it again the next day. We’ll see if it works out.

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