• Lucy Smoke

A Day in the Life of Lucy: 23

Lucy: My greatest accomplishment of this year is getting a relatively new car.

Kel: I have to buy a new car next year.

Lucy:… you’re gonna try driving again?

Kel: I wasn’t that bad.

Lucy: How many wrecks were you in and how old are you?

Kel: Only like 4-5. I used to be a racer.

Lucy:…we all gon’ die.

Kel: #livelikeyourekel I survive because I have no fear.

Lucy: You’re like a toddler who hasn’t discovered death yet. Fearless. Slightly angry. Always hungry for pizza.

Kel: I also whine like a little bitch when I don’t get my way.

This has been a day in the life of Lucy. Join us next week to see if I survive.

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