• Lucy Smoke

A Day in the Life of Lucy: 19

Feat. The Rock

Rock: Hey, I think I broke the alarm system again. Can you tell me what button to push to stop it from beeping every time I open the door?

Lucy: Sure, can you take a picture of the system and touchpad and send it to me?

Rock: How do I take a picture?

Lucy: Explains how to find the camera on her cellphone.

Rock: Hold on… *line goes dead*

Lucy: Wtf. *calls back*

Rock: Did I do it?

Lucy: Do what? You hung up on me.

Rock: Did it take the picture?

Lucy: … *lives 10 hours away* *deadpan* sure did. good job. -_-

Rock: Great, what do I do now?

Lucy: Rock… no…

Rock: Oh damn it, I can’t figure this thing out, can’t I just tell you what the buttons say?

Lucy: *internal screaming* Yup sure. You do that. I’m sure we’ll figure it out don’t worry.

(but would they? Would they ever truly figure it out?)

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