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A Day in the Life of Lucy: 15

Feat. The Rock (my grandmother) (side note: As I’ve told others, to be fair, my grandmother is much older than Dwayne Johnson and had the name first.) Now, on with your regularly scheduled broadcast of awesome.

Lucy: I have a bra on.

Rock: okay…

Lucy: so I’m appropriate to be out in public.

Rock: I didn’t think you took your bra off.

Lucy: I took a shower.

Rock: You can’t shower with a bra on.

Lucy: …which is why I had it off.

Rock: Oh, so you didn’t have your bra on in the shower?

Lucy: Uh no?!

Rock: Good. You shouldn’t wear a bra while you shower.


Lucy: Why do I get the feeling that you have personal experience with this?


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