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A Day in the Life of Lucy: 10

Lucy: I found a place to live! (looking for new rentals in the area)

C: That’s great babe, where?

Lucy: Well, I’m debating on either SecurCare Storage units (that’s not a typo, they really spell secure like that) or CubeSmart Storage units.

C: …

C: Did I miss something?

Lucy: They have great deals! and if I get the big unit, the first month is FREE!

C: Lucy, it’s illegal.

Lucy: WHAT?!

Later that day…

Lucy: Why can’t you live in a F*cking storage unit?

Friend: Because it’s illegal…

Lucy: (thinking apparently everyone knew this but her) Yeah, well, you know what else is illegal, robbing someone but college still exists.

Friend: *laughing*

Lucy: But am I wrong?

Friend: No, you’re not wrong.

Lucy: F*cking communists.

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