Twisted Fae Series

fantasy romance / dystopian romance


Abandoned. Unwanted. Orphan.

I was born with no past and no future. Abandoned on the steps of the Abbey of Amnestia, for nearly twenty-one years I fought the idea that I was unwanted. I was clumsy and outspoken, according to my only friend. Troublesome and worthless, according to the nuns.

The only thing I knew for sure is that I wasn’t meant to stay hidden forever.

Just when I was about to be cast from the only place I’d ever known, it appeared. Or rather, they appeared. The answer. My way out. A magical castle full of the one thing all humans should have feared. Fae. Not just any Fae either, but Royal Fae—the most powerful of all.

Three Fae princes, each colored in the abilities of their home Courts. The crimson prince. The frost prince. And the midnight prince.

And though I’d spent my whole life thinking I was human, I’d better hope they find something in my blood that marked me as one of them because if not … I might not leave the castle at all. At least, not alive.


Found. Desired. Changeling.

The truth is out. I, Cressida, am not human. I’m a Changeling. The last of my kind—raised among humans, but born of Fae. I thought becoming Fae would make me safe, but as the Court of Crimson is thrown off course and pulled into Alfheim—the legendary realm of the Fae—a new realization has come along with a new danger.

Summoned to the Court of Frost, the princes and I depart on a perilous journey to reach the mother Queens, leaving behind my only friend.

Tensions are heightened—not only from the ever increasing pressure of the war between the humans and Fae—but from an unexpected announcement. I thought finally being proven as a child of the Fae would keep me safe, but the longer I remain in the Court of Frost, the more I wonder if I’m in more danger now than ever before.

Only one person can play the game of Fae politics better than anyone else. If I want to survive—and I definitely do—I’m going to have to rely on the one prince I hate the most—the Prince of Frost.


Betrayed. Kidnapped. Imprisoned.

I always believed my life to be simple—uncomplicated. But now, it’s become more complicated than I ever would have thought possible. Taken hostage by Orion’s elder brother, I come face to face with the most dangerous fate I’ve ever known. Tyr’s betrayal is dangerous not just to me, but to all of Faekind.

A wicked plan. A King blinded by hate. A girl with a secret in her blood.

There are liars and deceivers all around, and if I want to survive to see the end of this Gods-forsaken war, I’m going to have to draw power from the three people who’ve trusted and protected me for the last few months. There has been enough of this senseless death and bloodshed.

If we have any chance of survival, then we’ll need to look for the path of redemption even if it comes from the most unlikely of sources.