Nerys Newblood Series

fantasy romance / dystopian romance


In the darkness of Nerys Newblood’s mind, there is an ancient voice.

Obidian is a spirit guide, thousands of years old, and Nerys is his new host making her his Daimon. The only issue is that in Nerys’ Kingdom, Daimons are outlawed. To be found out as a Daimon, a human with untapped magical power, will surely sentence her to death.

Pursued by a vengeful king and thrust into a journey of escape, Nerys finds the lives of five incredible men in her hands.

A talented druid.
A curious changeling.
A thief.
An outcast.
A best friend.

All potentials drawn in by the untapped power within her.

But when betrayal shatters the budding relationship between them, the last vestiges of hope for freedom are destroyed. Between the wrath of the king and the ailment of her spirit guide, someone must pay an ultimate price.


In the pitted depths of despair, a flame burns ever eternal – a Daimon’s strength to do what she must.

Nerys is determined to rescue Coen. She and her potentials make the treacherous journey back to the place where it all began. Matric’s Kingdom—Euron. But what lies in wait is something much deadlier than the recently deceased king.

A new darkness has escaped its confines, ready to reign and wreak havoc.


The world begins to unravel and with it, the Gods’ plan for Nerys is revealed. Though it may mean the destruction of her own life, Nerys will be the weapon to end the coming war.


In the beginning, there is life, but in the end, there is always death…

Rescued by her potentials and brought back from the brink of necrosis, Nerys awakens to a world set aflame. Edwin’s soldiers have attacked the sanctuary and driven their last haven of safety into chaos.

Thrust into a holy mission set forth by the Gods, Nerys has only one choice: to kill the child of death or be killed by him. But when she’s presented with her next opportunity, Edwin reveals his own plan.

Choices must be made. Lives will be lost. And in the end, Nerys will do what she must to ensure that she and her potentials survive.