Iris Boys Series

contemporary romance / reverse harem romance


Normal is relative, not universal. But in one single night, my entire philosophy on “normal” is changed forever.

One near death experience and one suicidal cat later…

Four mysterious men show up on my doorstep. The leader. The suit. The tech guru. The quiet enigma. They’re not with the police. They’re not even much older than I am. So who the hell are they? Who do they work for and why do they need my help to track down a dangerous thief?

My entire life thus far has been based on survival. If they’re willing to lift me out of the gutter, then I guess I’ve not no choice but to play the part.

They can keep their secrets … for now.


What does it mean to be an Iris girl?

Does it mean following instructions and respecting the authority of your team? Or does it mean taking risks?

The latter – I’m finding – is something I’m good at. When the guys send me to Ms. Enders’ Etiquette Camp for Refined Young Ladies, I know that I need to master the game and play the part of the respectable socialite. We need to find the answer to this question: What is causing the girls to commit suicide? I knew there would be danger here, and if I don’t watch my back, I could find myself in a whole lot of trouble.


The Iris Boys crash landed into my life and changed everything in it. Now, I’m surrounded by four incredible men – five, if the last one will ever fully open up to me. Never in a million years did I think I’d fall in love. Much less with more than one man. But that’s what I did. I’m in love with the Iris Boys.

They are my confidantes.

My friends.

My closest allies.

If I thought things were going to get easier, I was sorely mistaken. I have to find Erika and keep her from making, quite possibly, the biggest mistake of her life. But ties of friendship mean nothing when you don’t want to be saved. Even if the bond between friends is broken, the bond between lovers is stronger… right?


What kind of person falls into a relationship with several men? Now I know the answer. Me.

I’ve finally realized that and I’ve come to terms with it. But it seems that fate has one last challenge for us to overcome. Theodora “Teddi” Vandersen, otherwise known as Grayson’s mother, has apparently been following me for weeks now. She thinks it’s my fault that Grayson’s done with her.

Whether it is or not, all I know is that the wealthy socialite will stop at nothing to tear Grayson away from me and the guys. He just found his home with us. I’m not going to let her destroy that. If it means I have to go against her, myself, and risk everything, then…

So be it.


Life. Loss. Love.

The Iris Boys and I have come through so much together. I’ve learned how to fight for what I want, live through loss, and love beyond compare.

For us, normal is relative, not universal.

And as much as I want to say that’s the end of it, that we lived happily ever after … that’s not the case. At least, not yet. There’s one more job we have to take on. This one is personal and the end result could very well tear us all apart.