Hi there, I’m your host, Lucifer.

Just your garden variety demonic author. Just kidding. But I am an author. Truth be told, I don’t even recall how I got the nickname Lucifer. I’m completely angelic. But anyway, that’s not why you’re here, now, is it? Nope, you’re probably here because you got lost or you’ve heard about the “Day in the Life of Lucy” thing I started up… almost 2 years ago now (or almost 2 years ago according to when I wrote this introduction)

Anyway, so it got big. Or well, maybe like medium. But I digress–people really seemed to like my “Day in the Life of Lucy” posts.


I’m apparently something called “funny,” whatever that means. I, personally, just think I’m an asshole and people think I’m joking, but whatever floats their–and your–boats. Whatever the reason for people thinking I’m funny, I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I need to write a “Day in the Life of Lucy” book–which I’m not gonna do because y’all can get fucked up (oh yeah, warning, I’m a cusser) scenarios from my real life for free on Facebook so why the hell would you buy it? Then a lot of people told me I need to do a podcast. No…like…seriously. Random strangers will listen in on my conversations in public and tell me I need to start a podcast. That actually just happened last week… but AGAIN, I digress. 

Here are some fun scenes from “A Day in the Life of Lucy.”


They are miscollected and somewhat out of order. They are “numbered,” but that’s just for ease of reading. Not everyone is introduced, and that’s okay. If it helps, here are some important characters before you start:


Lucy: The STAR, moi!


Jen: Personal Assistant/friend

Kel: Evil Lucy (another author/bff)


The Rock: My grandmother (to be fair, she had the nickname before Dwayne Johnson was even born)


Most everyone else is used sparingly. But initials/names are usually friends, acquaintances, or fellow authors/writers.